Info on

Receiving Food

Necessary Documentation

Patrons need to bring documentation proving their current address and identifications (a Drivers License, a Social Security Card or a bill showing your name and address).

every 15 days

Patrons are only allowed to use our services once every 15 days. If more frequent assistance is required, contact 211 for a referral.


What food can i expect?

We carry most staple food items such as meat and bread as well as necessities such as soap and toilet paper.

Is there any delivery assistance?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost involved as long as you qualify.

Do I have to go through 211?

Going through 211 is not necessary, though if you live outside our coverage area 211 can refer you based on your individual needs.

Can I Volunteer?

Yes absolutely! Feel free to call or email to express your interest and look below for more ways to get involved.

Click this link to go to our Volunteer Contact info form.